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Is Working Out at a Gym Safe?

As we all continue to navigate through these unchartered waters, a question many of us have asked ourselves in the last 7 months- “is working out in a gym safe?” Everyone should decide what they are comfortable with and what fits in with their lives. And to help you make this decision we wanted to share some information that came out recently and the measures that we are taking.

It’s no secret that working out improves immunity and increases our overall health, inside and out. With all of the information flooding our inboxes and social media feeds, it’s tough to figure out the best way to stay healthy in this environment, especially with the devastation of fires and poor air quality we’ve experienced on top of the pandemic. We are all struggling with weighing the risk versus the reward in our daily activities.

IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association has recently said that it is safe to work out in gyms. They put together a presentation showing that fitness clubs who have put together proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols, are some of the safest public businesses in operation. In this presentation, IHRSA highlights how fitness clubs have put measures in place to help with contact tracing, and “have taken the lead and are among the safest public businesses in operation, and that with proper sanitization protocols in place, people can safely return to their workout routines”. Take a look below to learn more on what the JCC has done to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

Working out has never been so important, and yet it may feel less accessible than ever. One of the ways the JCC has continued to support the community through health and fitness is to provide as many options as possible. We believe you should have fitness your way, based on your current comfortability level. We offer Outdoor Fitness, with plenty of space, fresh air, and no masks required while actively exercising; Indoor Fitness with air conditioning, proper air flow and masks on at all time; and Virtual Fitness to experience over 50 group classes per week from the comfort of your own home. Did we miss anything? Reach out to us to share how else we can help you maintain your health and meet your fitness goals!

IHRSA’s presentation titled "Health Clubs Are Safe" can be found HERE .

Please note the APJCC is not a member of IHRSA, but respects the research they put together about safety of Fitness Centers/ Health Clubs.

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