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Adding HIIT into Your Quarantine Routine

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Make HIIT Training a Part of Your Quarantine Routine

During the shelter-in-place I have been trying to create my own “at home” gym, not let my muscles go flabby, and avoid the “Quarantine 15” without going crazy in the process. While sitting at home trying to figure out my life in this new normal, it dawned on me that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training is the answer to avoiding those ugly side effects mentioned above! HIIT training has always had a special place in my heart. HIIT training is characterized by periods of high intensity exercise for a certain amount of time followed by a rest period. This type of training creates spikes and dips in your heart rate, which has been linked to an increased after-burn effect or, in other words, an increase in calorie burning up to 48 hours after you're done exercising! With all the sweat, pain, and sometimes tears, that go along with HIIT I always feel awesome at the end of every workout and I think this is exactly what I need right now. With that being said, let me give you a little taste of the HIIT workouts I have been doing at home.

Timed HIIT

5 rounds of 30sec. cardio/ 30sec. full body weights

1. Jump rope or broad jump to run backs 30sec. of work then

2. Side Lunges to curl and press 30sec. of work and do 1 and 2 again

Rest 15sec.

3. Jump rope or broad jump to run backs 30sec. of work then

4. Squats holding weights 30sec. of work and do 3 and 4 again

Rest 15sec.

5. Jump rope or broad jump to run backs 30sec. of work then

6. Plank toe tap outs 30sec. of work and do 5 and 6 again

Rest 15sec.

7. Jump rope or broad jump to run backs 30s. of work then

8. Bent over weighted rows 30sec of work and do 7 and 8 again

Rest 15sec.

9. Jump rope or broad jump to run backs 30sec of work then

Burpees 30sec. of work and do 9 and 10 again

[Chris is one of the APJCC's Specialized Trainers with a diverse array of specialties ranging from Corrective Exercise to Performance Enhancement. Click here to check out Chris's trainer profile and click here if you would like to work with Chris one-on-one]

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